Developing Globally 

All schools are different—so Nubu workshops aren’t “one size fits all.” Our team works with you to create specialized training for your school, designed especially to address your local issues and needs through our Beloved characters.

Are you an educator who wants to address bullying and motivate your entire community to create a safe, inclusive, and accepting school? Nubu workshops can help develop Using our documentary films and lesson guides.Learn about our professional development models options, customized to your needs. 


Nubu workshops offer:

  • Ideas for putting students in the driver’s seat to lead school-wide anti-bullying efforts

  • Methods for teaching all students to move from bystanders to upstanders who speak up for themselves and others

  • Tips for supporting students who are bullied, as well as populations often targeted for their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or perceived sexual identity

  • Approaches for helping students who bully learn empathy and change their behavior

NUBU resources include a range of tools and materials:

  • Nubu Workshop is a comprehensive learning program with creating an inclusive school climate information 

  • Nubu school films and lessons help schools student to learn more about self and promote historical life learning lessons 

  • Nubu Workshop, including 3 short Nubu videos and a puppet show addressing social issues

  • Nubu Workshop Guide to Health Sheets


1. Getting Started with Your Nubu Workshop Anti-Bullying program with ADOFO

2. Nubu Workshop is a 2-day workshop course  designed for for our character to teach your students life learning lessons and to become team players.

3. Nubu Workshop creates a future of your choice.


NUBU WORKSHOP can also be customized for a variety of participants: students, educators, administrators, or multiple groups together.

We offer the best Nubu Workshop interactive workshops for teachers, site teams, and other educators:

Nubu Workshop