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Ramus Ankh

Ramus Ankh an American animator, director, writer, voice actor, and cartoon developer. One of African leading creative director. 


We are Nubu Toon

Writing is a solitary act, but when Ramus Ankh writes a story, he connects to the child within. An understanding of the impact of cartoons rests in part on an appreciation of the cartoon code he says. How and why it works the way it does with Nubu? Well, it's quite simple under scrutiny, the cartoon codes that our Artustrators uses are surprisingly complex, but it is not without logic. There are a handful of basic techniques in which our team manipulates to create a symbolic world of fact -storic (The Story of Facts) while others may call it make-believe. Ramus reaches his audience by creating the basic shapes, insight, strategies and creativity formulating a whole world which is why you are drawn to the Nubu characters. He also knows that with the right education brings about proper communication for the ultimate information to give the story substance; allowing you to travel the world and to follow The Adventures of Nubu. 

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Ramus Ankh Designing the Nubu Characters

Ramus Ankh
We need something new. What we long for is a remythologization of reality.” 

 “I’m glad you laughed, but it’s true.

An ‘exhausted’ art form

Ramus feels that fairy tales have lost their magic. “Exhausted,” is how he describes it. The glass slippers and poison apples, the evil stepmothers and fairies and princes charming and the kisses but at the same time, it trapped our minds into making us believe that life is this Disney World of a story that leases to happy and everlasting endings. If you’ve noticed there’s a formula that makes these fantasy tales a hit, you will see that they are all based on a positive outcome at the end, “Predictable.” This is why “The Adventures of Nubu” has been written as a twisted but yet interesting story for children to follow. It brings so much to the table, if you’re into caring, facts, excitement, love, and education then NUBU is for you. It sides with the true stories of not only Africa but the world we live in. The adventures of Nubu brings style, creativity, and much imaginative or intellectual force as they travel the globe in search of the missing scrolls.


Ram says.“You laughed when you saw Snow White singing, with the prince showing up all of a sudden,” Ram said. “I’m not sure that the children when the series is done that they will get the same reaction.” They may be fact with questions to answer in order to complete the show. 


Fairy tales themselves have lost resonance.“We can understand reality only through a mythic lens,” and fairy tales once provided that lens. Now the view is narrower.

Yet we can’t move on, as demonstrated by countless literary interpretations, both satirical and straight, “We are not satisfied with these stories,” but we go back to them. Why?


He says because, in our unconscious, we perceive these as ‘natural’ stories, stories that precede us,” stories that have existed forever.

They haven’t. “The reality is, these stories were constructed, “They were invented and they are very recent stories.” But we cling to them, like the queen returning every morning to her mirror, because we have nothing else to take their place.

“And so,” “We need a new mythology.” or should I say Factology to clean up the nonsense. A fun-filled story for the family to learned from and enjoy.

Complex tales become children’s stories we see them everyday Ram explains further. “We cannot live without facts but we can eliminate the myths.




Nijeta Ankh


Nijeta Ankh has always been a lover for art, I guess you can say it started at a tender age, as a kid she turned all her play dolls into characters, which became so real in her head, she would line up all her favorite Barbie dolls and she would play pretend roles with this characters. Call her crazy, she never cared because to her, she was on a Broadway show, performing, and this became her hobby every day after school. Now, who is this creative mind from Africa sharing her glory of fame? No other then Nijeta Ankh Producer and writer working closely with Ramus Ankh on the production of NUBU WORLD is phenomenal, nothing makes more sense than co-creating an Art that is unique and reflects great depiction of our African people, she says our people need to know they can do it and that is what our cartoon characters portray, all people of color and teaching the kids how to connect to the creativity within, which is the key factor our African kids are missing. Millions of children will flock to experience the magic of The Nubu Characters .