Evil  Characters


"No More Mr. Nice Guy", he stepped into the Transformation Chamber that transformed him into the evil Apet, which caused his appearance to look like a snake, but boosted his intellect and confidence to such a degree to rule ruling The GORBERIONS. The transformation never wore off and he was never the same and because of this he also started gunning for the position to rule Egypt.


He doesn't talk but communicate by his speech comes out as whistles, but they're intelligible enough to be understood by viewers with keen ears. He works with Yaw as they both join forces with Apet but only to seek the power of the scrolls for themselves. Kojo keynote ability, activated through a time-piece worn on his chest that he only takes out when necessary.



This 4th grader spends most of his time with Kojo who has become his best friend and a excellent spy for Apet as they all try destroy try to take over the world. Just about every kid that inhabits the playground has a strong demise for him due to his dismay as a snitch, which is why Apet like Yaw and decided to bring him on board. Yaw is determine to find the lost scroll and to collect the reward that was promise to him.