Good Characters

Bastmarette who’s one of the pharaoh’s daughters posed as an Egyptian feline was honored for the first time as a new ruler on her land and was giving her own festival named The Bastet Festival. In doing this festivity Bast put together a team of heroic explores to see out the 8 special scrolls to protect the world and all humanity. Bast is a small, black cat that serves and protect Egypt in battle. For her non-ferocious look many may take lite of her powers, but in battle this cat is headstrong and eager for action and excitement.


Character NAKI is confident, arrogant and flat out selfish. She is stylish and most importantly, determined to be at the center of any attention. Whether it be the admiration of her designer fashions, the glistening of her long hair, or the aroma of her precious fragrances, other kids can’t help but to be drawn to NAKI. She is the epitome of beauty, with the eloquence of a vicious lion. With her parents wrapped around her finger, and every girl in the school wishing they could be her, NAKI finds out through her journey in the Nubu’s that deep down lies insecurities and a precious spirit that only the unity of seven other kids can bring to light.



Coming from an affluent and disciplined home, ADOFO arises to the daily practice of the ADOFO defense System with his father.  Tall, strong, highly skilled and trained in this ancient form of martial arts, ADOFO has yet to demonstrate his ability to his peers; after-all, he has a good spiritual foundation, and truly seeks an ultimate balance of peace in his life.  Nevertheless, his stern and confident demeanor has the others bowing out of his way.  Without ever facing a school conflict due to his physical stature, ADOFO by default has gained a reputation along with street credibility, which has given him an easy time at school.  Often hanging by himself, his forceful language is usually misconstrued in a bully-like way.  In his journey with the Nubu’s ADOFO’s struggle between having a good or evil perception will be challenged in way that could expose his true inner character to a group of kids he barely knows; the result is either acceptance or a devaluation of the self that others have come to know.


Within every living specimen, KAGISO is able to capture the very thing that the creator would find wonderful in every being.  Having a descriptive vocabulary, this vibrant bundle of joy seeks to expose the best that each and every person has to offer.  Raised by grandparents still accepting the “Flower Power” way of life, KAGISO has built an innate appreciation for the small things that matter; for example, the mood change that a smile can bring, or the enhanced self-esteem a compliment can produce.  KAGISO’s path with the Nubu’s continues to explore an essential necessity to support human kind-seeking the best you in all of us.


At age three WORLALISI knew that he had a higher level of intelligence than others his age.  He understood the basics on how to construct and reconstruct objects, and even dabbled at times with electronics around the house.  However, upon coming of age, WORLALISI soon realized that although he was smart enough to understand concepts, in the face of his siblings, he fell short in the area of being able to communicate his thoughts in a reasonable manner.  After years of being teased by his brothers, WORLALISI in the face of adversity vowed to remain quiet as much as possible.  However, with his journey in the Nubu’s he will soon learn that in the face of adversity, if you at first don’t succeed try and try again.

When Juba found out that her favorite cousin Tiwa would be staying with her family for two weeks she was elated.  When two weeks turned into two years, Juba knew that Tiwa would become more than a cousin, but like a sister to her.  Having a mother who traveled as a singer in a band. Juba is a tom boy and at times present herself a heroic "warrior goddess," a capable little girl fighter with a strong spirit. She protects what means the most to her and that is family, which is why she overly protects Tiwa. Over all Juba is a fun loving character who just would do what's best in her power to set the record straight when it come to protecting the innocent ones. 


TIWA found herself frequently staying at Juba’s house.  For the first time, she has come to realize that her mother perhaps may not be returning any day soon.  Juba and her mom continue to comfort and encourage TIWA in order to make her life one of normalcy. However, Juba soon discovers that no matter how much she tries to protect TIWA from harm and disappointment, she will never be able to take away TIWA’s feelings of loneliness or abandonment.  In her journey with the Nubu’s, TIWA discovers that what others take from you can be restored not through tears, but in the acceptance for the love you have around you.


BARUTI has always been one to not require the recognition, encouragement, or validation from anyone regarding his intellect.  As a self-proclaimed brillianaire, he never ceased a day without acknowledging his superior intellect to his peers.  As a dear friend to OBA, BARUTI finds pleasure in rationalizing his way through all the creative journeys or voyages that they both partake in on a daily basis.  Lacking any humble moments, BARUTI discovers during his quest with the Nubu’s that far superior beings exist beyond his recognition; and although his intellect is challenged, he comes to realize that everybody from peon to nobleness has a special intellect and only when he learns to humbly listen to others will he build supreme wisdom.


Placed as a ward of the courts when separated from his parents during a massive earthquake, OBA finds himself surrounded by friends at school whom he likes, but an imaginative world at home to escape the everyday reality of his circumstance.  Although he has a house mother who comforts him, at times because of the hardship that the other children have been through, OBA often meets opposition upon returning from school.  It is through his imagination that OBA takes on any character, personality, and any voyage his mind takes him to.  During his experience in the Nubu’s, OBA will be challenged to take his creativity to new heights to imagine things that he never dreamed possible.