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We are aiming to inspire, encourage, and spark the confidence every child needs to overcome the struggles of life. Every child loves listening to stories, and one reason behind this is because it takes them on magical adventures, where they can explore, learn, and have fun.​​

The Adventures Of Nubu Presents Volume 1 “Naki In The Basement Of The Sun” Our Main Character "Naki" Fights Not Only An Evil Dragon Who Has Stolen An Ancient And Magical Scroll But Also The Beast Within Herself.  


Naki Is Known For Her Arrogant, Stylish, And Flat Out Selfish Ways, But Most Importantly, She Determines To Be At The Center Of Any Attention At An Giving Time. Whether It Is The Admiration Of Her Designer Fashions, The Glistening Of Her Long Hair, Or The Aroma Of Her Precious Fragrances, Other Kids Can’t Help But Be Drawn To Naki. She Is The Epitome Of Beauty, With The Eloquence Of A Vicious Lion. With Her Parents Wrapped Around Her Finger, And Every Girl In The School Wishing They Could Be Her But Through The Journeys The Adventures Of Nubu Presents She Learns The Basic Principles Of Life, Like Sharing, Bravery, Critical Thinking, And Being Humble. Naki Finds Out Through Her Journey In The Nubu’s That Deep Down Lies Insecurities And A Precious Spirit That Only The Unity Of Seven Other Kids Can Bring To Light. In This Volume, The Nubu's Takes You On A Trip To The Battle Of Puebla In Mexico, What They Seek For Lays In The Belly Of A Dragon, They Can Only Retrieve This Treasure Together! Do You Think These Kids Are Strong Enough To Slay The Dragon?



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